USS Alabama

Roamy here.  Commenter Jay Justus mentioned the USS Alabama over in the Pensacola post; that was the next stop on our trip.  The USS Alabama is located in Mobile, Alabama along with the USS Drum (a WW2 submarine) and a collection of aircraft. 

 Nicknamed the “Mighty A”, then the “Lucky A” because she never lost a single man due to enemy action, she is a South Dakota-class battleship and earned nine battle stars for service in both Atlantic and Pacific theaters during WW2.  South Dakotas were “fast” battleships, with a top speed of 27 kts, where the older battleships topped out around 22 kts.  They were replaced by Iowa-class, which were even faster at 33 kts and carried the same armament.

She took some damage during Hurricane Katrina, mostly to the permanent anchorage, which caused her to list.

Look at all those guns. Hooah.

It is a popular place for Scout troops to spend the night and learn a little history.  The bunk for baseball player Bob Feller is marked.

Rocketboy, back when he was 16" shell size
20 mm Oerlikons

The USS Drum is a Gato-class submarine.  I learned that a drum is a kind of fish, and that this is not named after any kind of percussion instrument.  She earned 12 battle stars and is credited with sinking 15 ships during WW2, including three cargo ships of Japanese reinforcements during the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

USS Drum

There is an aircraft pavilion with a number of planes, and I have no idea why I didn’t take any pictures inside.  I remember that it, too, was damaged by Hurricane Katrina.  There are planes on display outside as well.

B-25J Mitchell
B-52D Stratofortress, Coast Guard HH-52A Seaguard on right (I think)

So once again, if you’re in the neighborhood of the Redneck Riviera, take a look at some great history.

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  1. thanks for the pics. i’ve visited this site several times over the years. It is inspiring to see what our country was able to build and bring to battle. Those guns are some sight. AGain, thanks for the pics.

  2. Visiting Patriot’s Point in Charleston is another place to see a great collection of ships, aircraft, and other memorabilia (for example, they have an original PBR Mk 1, little brother to the PCF from the video posted). It’s sad in some instances to see stuff on display that has not been well taken care of, though. The B52 is on the verge of looking pretty rough, but there is much worse out there.

    1. When Andy and I recently went to the Palm Springs Air Museum, some of the aircraft awaiting restoration were in pretty sad shape. It is amazing how quickly they deteriorate just sitting there. And it is VERY rare to see military vehicles on display where the tires haven’t rotted.

  3. Jay who?

    Thanks for the pictures of ALABAMA, though. Definitely appreciate the Navy love. 🙂

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