Well, crap.

I was REALLY hoping the co-bloggers would have something posted this morning, as I’ve been tied up and unable to even think of posting.

Since they didn’t (breaks out the whip) I’ll just toss up a vid of one of my favorite artifacts of the Vietnam War, the PCF or Fast Patrol Craft.

Yeah, yeah, John F’n Kerry served on one. But so did a lot of other people, and not all of them were pompous asses.


The Navy’s LCS program should have come up with something about 2 or 3 times the size of this, but instead became a bloated monstrosity…

6 thoughts on “Well, crap.”

  1. We called ’em Swift Boats. I was briefly in a riverine unit in the Naval Reserve. Those things were fun to play with.

  2. Look, the union boss called a strike for higher pay and a 401K. So I held off typing. But when you mentioned John F’n Kerry, I had to go scab and cross the picket line.

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