Heavy Metal in the Mach Loop.

The Mach Loop is a popular spot in Wales just off one of the RAF’s low level training routes. It’s a great spot to take pictures and videos of a variety of tactical aircraft during training.


H/T: Theo Spark

3 thoughts on “Heavy Metal in the Mach Loop.”

  1. Remember the good old days when you could drive through Snoqualmie Pass and see a pair of A6s come out of the snow/rain/clouds; probably flying lower than this Herc?

    1. I do, and I also remember seeing some F-111s out of Mountain Home blasting through the gorges of eastern Washington at just under the mach and about 300 feet.

  2. Meh. You really wanna go big? Try a C-5 Galaxy going low-level out of El Paso, TX through Roswell, NM. Been there, did it, 1994.
    One of the other Flight Engineers had canned mustard sardines for lunch during the training. Only time I got close to tossing my cookies in-flight.

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