6 thoughts on “About that heated political rhetoric on the right…”

  1. They might well blame Sara Palin, whom I believe works as an accountant in Syracuse. Meanwhile, Sarah Palin from Wasilla smiles at all the tweeters who drop off the “h.”

  2. Since the left is answering to a higher law, they aren’t doing anything wrong. Not so those nasty right wingnuts. They are selfish and hate Gaia, therefore they are eeeeeeevil racist, sexist homophobes.

  3. Yes, some on the left engage in unhelpful, inappropriate speech and imagery. That does not change the fact that some on the right are doing so as well. Neither approach is advancing civil discourse. Lacking (presently) proof of a causal connection between Loughner’s actions and the rhetoric being discussed, perhaps we can simply talk about how unproductive anybody’s intolerant, violent speech (metaphors or otherwise) is to our society.

    1. or we could recognize that wide swaths of the left are cynically engaging in a blood libel to associate the Tea Party movement with this attack.

      Dan, the closest “linkage” you can find between this attack and the right is the notorious “target” map that Palin posted. I can counter that with the DNCC’s OWN target map. And even Daily Kos used the same terminology about Giffords herself. And an author of his actually said that Giffords was DEAD to him, 3 days before the attack. Kos quicky flushed that down the memory hole.

      Dan, find me a link showing the right calling for the death of Obama or other prominent Democrat politicians, something in the vein of the link in this post. Did you even follow the link? There is NO comparison. Some don’t come poormouthing about how both sides need to tone down the rhetoric. The goddamn President of the United States, and leader of the Democratic Party, started his political career in the living room of a man who used political violence to KILL people, and who advocated sending 25 MILLION American citizens to concentration camps. So pardon me if I get a little heated about being accused of using inflammatory rhetoric.

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