The Diversity Bullies are never going to stop

It’s not enough that DADT has been repealed. Now the diversity bullies are going to aim for full integration of women into combat arms units.

The Army is studying whether to open combat arms units to female Soldiers, the Army’s top officer said Jan. 6.

“We’re looking at revising the policy,” Gen. George W. Casey Jr. told a breakfast gathering of the Association of the U.S. Army in Arlington, Va. “We’ve had some work going on for a while, and that’ll double back up to the secretary, I would think, in the next couple of months.”

Women are currently barred from infantry, armor and Special Forces branches, Casey said. He did not say whether the Army is considering opening up all three areas to women, but he did say the study looked at the possibility of women in infantry.

Look, men and women are different. They just are. They are built differently physically, and they are raised differently in our culture. Trying to integrate them into combat arms units will only lead to a degradation of the standards that Army has set. And that will inevitably lead to dead soldiers.



4 thoughts on “The Diversity Bullies are never going to stop”

  1. GEN Casey is the same guy that , as the 1AD CDR, once told a room full of us tank and and infantry company commanders that “maneuver is over-rated.” To me, his judgement has been in question ever since. This does nothing to help him.

    1. I can’t say I’ve ever actually heard him say anything that struck me as smart. But I can recall a couple of dumb things he’s said.

      Kinda points to that culture of conformity that I’ve noted a couple times in the last few days.

  2. I did hear him say, at an EIB awards ceremony, “Everyone’s got an EIB story. But a story doesn’t get you the badge.” I liked that one. Of course, this was in the new days of “EIB prerequisites” where you can test as much as you want on weapons qual, road march, APFT, and day/night land navigation, resulting in 75% award of badge. I am proud of my 10%-got-it EIB testing.

  3. Given that the warrior culture is being murdered this will not end well. As I’ve said previously, the rot has set in and is spreading quickly.

    I’m not a bit surprised this is coming from Casey. he couldn’t bring himself to talk straight about what happened at Ft. Hood. Another perfumed prince, and we have far too many of them. Alas, the military is in their clutches.

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