The Cuts

Well, Gates announced some cuts I agree with, and failed to cut some stuff I thought should die.

The EFV is dead. Some of my Michigan friends are upset, because of the loss of jobs. Sorry about that. But the program was a disaster. Making a 30 ton armored vehicle skim across the waves at 25kts forced so many other design features that the vehicle would never be a success and would always cost far, far too much to field throughout the force. I know the Marines are pretty desparate to replace the AAV-7, but the EFV was a leap too far. Hopefully, they can leverage some of the technology to start a newer, cheaper program.

The F-35B was put on the back burner, with the hopes that the Air Force and Navy can get their variants into service. I think the “B” is barely on life support. Don’t be surprised if the Marines end up finding that the SuperHornet will be sufficient for their close air support needs.

Troop levels are being cut, sorta. The promised cuts are so far in the future, there’s no guarantee that they will happen. Or, conversely, that they will be the modest cuts promised.  We’ll see how that goes. There’s a lot that can change in 4 years.

I haven’t seen a lot of programs in the Navy that got the axe. The worst programs in the Navy, LCS, DDG-1000, and LPD-17 seem to have survived.

And it looks like the Army has come through in fair shape, program wise.

What did you want to see cut? What did you NOT want to see cut that got hit?

6 thoughts on “The Cuts”

  1. Least Capable Ship must be stopped, and the ZUMWALT class. They are useless as warships, and isatiable money pits. Get a licence from Norway, and start building NANSENs.

  2. Over at Thomas Ricks blog at Foreign Policy, he was saying that Gates was also announcing the elimination or downgrade of a number of general officer or flag officer slots along with their staffs. That’s long overdue.

  3. Agree with the Badger. I’d add the F-35 in all it’s transmogrifications as well. I’d re-open the F-22 line and build more modern F-16s. If you own the sky, and the 35 will give it to you, then the F-16s and Warthogs won’t have any trouble operating.

  4. Badger, Quartermaster, Bill and Esli, I agree with you, but it will never happen, the reason-sounds too much like “common sense”, I rest my case.

  5. Sad to see the SLAMRAAM go…it had bugs but SHORAD needs to move into the 21st century. With the J-20 and newer aircraft out there, the stinger don’tt cut it.

    I’d have cut the GCV. Seriously guys, a powerpoint slide does not make a good design spec. It’s just a heavy FCS.

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