From the "Guys who would never make it in today's service" files…

CDR Salamander reminds us that there used to be a time when a less than cookie cutter officer could not only rise to serve in a position of command, but indeed excel in that position.

Look at where we are today in terms of personnel management (which really should not serve as a substitute for leadership), and compare and contrast.

CDR Salamander: Fullbore Friday.

1 thought on “From the "Guys who would never make it in today's service" files…”

  1. Personnel or material management is no substitute for leadership. It can’t substitute as the skill set is much different. You will sometimes get a man who can make the switch, and good commanders can do so, to a point. People tend to be limited in or the other, even if they might be passable in the weak area. But pure managers will never make it as leaders. Frankly, we are seeing teh result of allowing managers access to the GOFO ranks and the result is not to much of anyone’s liking other than the people it directly benefits. It’s actually a living illustration of Pournelle’s Iron law of Bureaucracy.

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