For want of a nail

Roamy here.  On Christmas Day, the Indian Space Research Organization launched their GSLV, or Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle.  It didn’t get very far.


Spaceflight Now reports that a group of ten cable connectors snapped, rendering the control system useless.  The rocket went off-course, and, well, you see what happened.  Cable connectors seem like something easy enough, but launch vibrations or unknown stress may have been too much for them.  (Test what you fly, fly what you test.  Just sayin’.)

NASA learned the harshest lesson in electrical wiring with the Apollo 1 fire.  There were a lot of design flaws in the capsule, including the hatch design, the pure oxygen environment, and lots of flammable materials, but post-accident investigations pointed to a spark from a short circuit being the probable culprit.  Poor wiring, poor connections, wiring insulation abraded off in places, etc. – one of those led to three good men dead. 

Thankfully, all that was destroyed this time was a communications satellite.    ISRO should be able to figure out where it went wrong and fix it.

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  1. “For want of a nail…”, Be careful of what you want, you*just me find it!* The big thing is this, you may not like*where and when*you find it!

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