Nicholas Kristoff shows his ass

It’s always a thing of beauty when Jonn Lylea takes someone to the woodshed. This time, it’s Nicholas Kristoff spouting off about how the defense budget needs trimming:

In the New York Times this weekend was an opinion piece written by a journalist Nicholas Kristof who advocates cutting military spending while we’re engaged in a war beyond our borders. Now I read Mr. Kristof’s biography and I don’t see a thing that qualifies him to make such a statement…well, other than the fact that he’s a journalist, spent his whole adult life as a journalist as so he thinks he knows every thing there is to know about…well…everything. Now he wants to be heard on our global strategy;

Advocating for cutting the defense budget is about as close to fiscal discipline as anyone at the NYT can ever come. Jonn takes the time to show why Mr. Kristoff is an idiot. Go read the whole thing.

Of course, this urge to cut the defense budget isn’t solely confined to an opinion journalist at the NYT. It’s a meme that is starting to be heard from several organs on the left, including from another usual suspect, Michael O’Hanlon at the liberal Brookings Institution:

In the coming years, the Pentagon should look to cutting troop strength to pre-9–11 levels, slash redundant and poorly performing programs while reevaluating the services’ core missions, all in an effort to shave 10 percent or more off the Defense Department’s expenses, members of an influential Washington think tank argued this week.

While I would be happy to see any number of programs trimmed from the defense budget, the usual harpies on the left are arguing for what they always argue for- gutting the services. If there’s one lesson I’ve learned in all my life, it’s this- the Left hates the military, and will do everything in their power to leave our forces hollow.

2 thoughts on “Nicholas Kristoff shows his ass”

  1. I’m not about to die form the shock of surprise. Defense is expensive. It’s just the nature of the beast. The problem is, if you take the entire defense budget, including all the lefty programs the budget is larded with, it won’t make much of a dent in the deficit. The left is grasping at straws in an attempt to preserve their runaway social spending and their irresponsibility with Social Security back in the 60s.

    Ain’t nothing saving them this time around. Either they control the way the cuts come, or they will be forced on them by being unable to borrow anymore.

  2. The sad thing is, most of the old media keeps pimping these views. Their “experts” used to cite the West German and Japanese defense budgets as examples for the US! *headdesk*

    While the Rightwing thinks tanks may have a Gen. Ripper or two, the left ones seem stuck in the ’60s.

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