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Did you know the Army has its own First Person Shooter (FPS) video game? The Army launched America’s Army in 2002. It’s been a wildly successful (and FREE) game.

“In the ‘America’s Army’ game, players are bound by the Rules of Engagement and grow in experience as they navigate challenges in teamwork-based, multiplayer, force-versus-force operations. In the game, as in the Army, accomplishing missions requires a team effort and adherence to the seven Army Core Values,” according to the game’s official site (
“This ‘values’ thing is critical, but you’ve got to bring it alive in ways that are going to get (players’) attention,” Wardynski emphasized.
The America’s Army team said that is exactly what they’ve done. With the first-person shooter format, the ability to constantly update the game with new content, and the easy use and accessibility (just a free download away!), “America’s Army” hit the ground running. The newest iteration promises to be even better.

I’ll be honest. I’ve never played the game. It’s an online game, and I’ve either had access issues or not enough horsepower on the computer to play it. Also, I’m more of a flight simulator guy (FSX, IL2, Falcon 4.0 and Jane’s F-15 and F/A-18).  Have any of you guys tried AA?

I’m pretty supportive of the concept behind AA. It’s a pretty good recruiting tool, and from what I hear, not at all a bad game.  You can download the game for free here.

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  1. I played a little bit in the first few years it was out. Far more realistic than most FPS games, though I don’t know how well it passes along the Core Values. I did enjoy it, but when I tried to go back to it a year or so ago, it seemed to have too few players (and those that did play knew the maps like they’d drawn them themselves….)

  2. “?? It showed how slow the networks were running?”

    Sort of. When PFC Suffy at FOB 1 started acting slow in team mode, we knew the shot was going bad.

  3. I’ve played the current version and a prior one. Not as realistic as they’d have you believe. Aiming with a rifle? No good, you won’t hit anything. Setting your rifle for burst or auto and firing from the hip? That’s apparently the way to do it!

    Played each version for about a month trying to find the good in them, uninstalled each with a happy heart.

    If you want a realistic squad combat game, check out the Insurgency mod for the HL2 engine on Steam. Aiming actually works in that one (my favorite rifle was the RPK – it was always more effective for me on semi auto)… Don’t know if anybody is still playing it, though.

    1. If I’m remembering it correctly, Insurgency was cool. The one I remember had weapons caches at which you could spawn if you were an insurgent player. I played only a few times after one of the 0.9 releases, but there just weren’t enough people and the maps were just too big for the number of players it could support (so you ended up running for 5 minutes to get anywhere).

    2. Y’all looking for a realistic FPS ought to check out the Red Orchestra franchise. The second game will be coming out soon.

      Here’s a link to an HD trailer:

      Some of the animations are still a little ragged in the trailer … but it’s taken from an alpha build! Everything in the trailer is gameplay footage. There are no pre-rendered set pieces here. It’s all real.

      There are no crosshairs. You aim over your iron sights, and you have to use them. There is free aim, so you can’t just mark a dot on the center of your monitor and use that instead. There are no health packs, and you don’t have to dump a whole belt of ammo into someone to get a kill. You get hit, and chances are good that you’re dead. In the sequel, even a minor wound can kill, because you will bleed out if you don’t bandage yourself. But in a high-pressure firefight, if you take the time out to stop your bleeding, will that temporary loss of firepower be what gives the other guys a break and loses the fight for your team?

      Anyway. Check out the video. It’ll be a great game. You can get the first one on Steam for a relatively low cost. I think it’s like tenbux or something. Well worth checking out, and since it’s from 2006 it has relatively moderate system requirements. (i.e., Brad, it might actually run on your netbook. It ran (for certain values of ‘run’) on my old EeePC 700. It ran (better) on my Eee 1000HE.)

    3. Dave, I think you’re thinking of the Project Reality mod for Battlefield 2. That one was always pretty sparsely-populated and had huge maps. It was combined arms, though, but getting yourself reclassified as a pilot (helos were FUUUUUN) or tank crew could be a pain.

      Insurgency was only infantry and very urban, so the maps weren’t huge.

      @ Rusty: I played the crap out of the first RO game, and even was a beta tester for some of the later content on it. It was a great game, nothing like mowing Krauts down with an SVT-40. The tanks never worked quite the way they should have, but it was always worth a laugh to take an IS-2 down with some Panzerfaust shots. 😀

    4. Mike-

      Re: Beta testing- me too, since 2007. Krivoi, Fallen Heroes, etc. What’s your name over at TWI?

    5. Rusty: I haven’t been to the RO:O forums in a long time. The testing I did was just for a couple of months when they were coming out with some DLC. Just unpaid fanboy stuff is all.

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