I’m still in a food coma so posting is going to be light for the next day or two. Feel free to talk among yourselves. What big plans do you have for New Years?

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  1. Big, and not-so-big plans:
    1) Plan some Road Trips.
    2) Finish Study of Isaiah.
    3) Keep learning Spanish.
    4) Plant a Women’s Ministry & Organize a Retreat
    5) Grow Membership & Raise up More Leadership in Tea Party
    6) Conceal Carry Classes & Certification
    7) Keep Sewing, Embroidery, Knitting, and Quilting for Charity, etc.

  2. 1. Survive year
    2. Finish writing inductive bible stidy course for church
    3. Complete survey of the entire bible
    4. did I say survive?

  3. Hm….resolutions:

    1) Lose the weight I gained from Christmas.
    2) Exercise more.
    3) Keep in touch with friends far away.
    4) Purge crap from house, and organize garage.
    5) Start NT lessons for the kids.

    I’ll return when I’ve had time to drink coffee and think some more 😉

  4. @Quartermaster, it is interesting to me, when I look at your goals for 2011, they’re all interconnected. The best way to survive is to understand your adversary. We think this War on Terrorism started in Afghanistan. But if we take some time and step back, we will see a much different picture. The Tigris and Euphrates rivers run through the nation of Iraq. But in Biblical times, it was called, Mesopotamia. It was also called “The Garden of Eden”. If we look at all the players in today’s world, they have counterparts in Biblical times. To me, the strangest thing about this whole event is this, it is nothing more than an over rated “domestic”. Looking at the Biblical character, “Abraham and his wife, Sarai, who later became Sarah”. God had promised Abraham and Sarai, a son, but she had no children four 121 years. Sarah was the subject of a great amount of ridicule, but Abraham stayed faithful to her. Sarai, had a hand maiden, by the name of Hagar. Now Sarai saw that Abraham was never going to have a son through her, she was considered, “barren”, so she took matters into her own hands. Sarai told her hand maiden, Hagar to sleep with Abraham, Hagar became pregnant and bore a son, “Ishmael”. Later, God told Sarai, she was going to have a son. She laughed out loud, at the very thought of it. God challenged Sarah, “Why did you laugh? Sarai, you shall call him, ‘Isaac’, which means to laugh.” After the Sarai gave birth to Isaac, the Lord told Abraham that she was to change her name from Sarai to Sarah. She now had a son.

    As we look at everything going on today, the root is right here. The family lines come back either to Sarai/ Sarah or Hagar. If you look at the issues, they are consistent with a domestic. This is the reason, this problem will never be really solved.

    As a Nation, we should look at this over a multi-generational issue, we’re not going to solve it. But, we should walk very carefully through this process.

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