11 thoughts on “Wow, I thought our E-tool was versatile…”

  1. So many possible replies….
    I can’t help but notice that our ACU pattern will not work in China, judging by the background foliage colors. Hmm.

  2. First off, why am I watching some ChiCom dig a freeking hole with “The Sons of Katie Elder” theme playing in the background? Somewhere out there John Wayne is cursing.

    Second off, I am not impressed until they use the E-tool as the ground lead on a doublet. And I bet that E-tool can’t help extract a splinter (ouch!). All metal is better.

    Lastly, if you are down to using an E-tool for food preparation, I think the war is lost.

  3. That’s an improvement on the old Ash handled shovel we used to issue. I hated the tri-fold version. Everyone I was issued broke on me. I never had the ash handled shovel break.

    I bought the East German version of the etool while they were still available. I use it camping all the time.

  4. dammit… craig beat me too it….

    but why did they use Bonanza Meets the Mexican Cantina theme…. I guess they did in fact make spaghetti first…


  5. The tri-fold E-tool is the best! Best ever! Pinnacle of 20th Century American engineering. We should have statues on town squares honoring the design team!

    But like all great technical advances, it had a drawback. The operator had to be 10% smarter than the E-tool. That’s where the recruiting stuff comes into play….

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