Waaaaaaay out there

Roamy here.  I saw this article yesterday, and it made me think not only of Voyager but also Pioneer 10 and 11 and wonder where they are at today.

Pioneer 10 went silent in 2003, after travelling 7.6 billion miles.  The last communication from Pioneer 11 was 1995.   Voyager 2 was actually launched before Voyager 1 and is travelling slower – it’s now 8.8 billion miles from home. Voyager 1 has been the farthest manmade object from our sun for some time – 10.8 billion miles.

If I’m doing my math right, that means it takes over 16 hours (16 hours, 7 minutes, 44 seconds for you Spock types out there) for a radio signal to travel that distance.

In terms of longevity, the Voyager probes still have to last a couple more years to beat Pioneer 6.  Pioneer 6 was a probe for studying the solar wind, cosmic rays, and space weather, and it was still sending signals (at 16 bits per second) after 35 years in space.

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  1. Now we just have to wait for V’ger to return. but really, isn’t this the most amazing news? we humans were a clever bunch, before we decided to waste our energies on social experimentation, and a welfare state.

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