Female Soldiers Around the World

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Which format do you guys prefer?

11 thoughts on “Female Soldiers Around the World”

  1. Hmmmm…

    My favorite format would be the camo… Although the Batgirls from Turkey are pretty cool…

    Oh. Wait, you mean the scribd/slideshare?
    My bad… Scribd. That’s the one…


  2. I like the lower, horizontal scroll one much better. I still have to snigger when I see CDR Salamander with the gal from Lithuania, even if he has misplaced his cover.

  3. I was going to say Italy….but then Poland….but then Spain….couldn’t keep track after that.

    I like the scroll down format, easier and quicker to review the images.

  4. First, I’m using an iMac 2010, running “Snow Leopard”. I can run it on either one, but prefer, “SlideShare”. I might be a Grumpy Old Vet, but I am not dead yet. Yeah, they are female soldiers, scratch that, they are *FEMALE SOLDIERS*! Looks good! I would sure hate to be the boyfriend who didn’t know the existence of “boundaries”. He wound find his “boundaries” on the ground. You can that any way you want, to the woodshed.

  5. the peruvian one is kinda funny…. the bullpup is almost as big as she is…

    SlideShare gets my vote….

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