**puts this on Christmas Wish list**

Somehow I don’t think my family would be too thrilled with me having a Civil War era mortar…


15 thoughts on “**puts this on Christmas Wish list**”

    1. Sox is definitely not amused, and scratched your name off his Christmas card list. No Dad’s for you! He might even take up hanging out with weiner dogs!

    2. Sox won’t like me either. I like Argghhh’s place quite well, what with his love of large bore tubes and such.

      Badger may be a Badger and such, but we are as one when it comes to Root Beer and bickering. Besides I like Fish Sticks quite well too.

      Cats? Not so much. Their claws don’t get along well with my long snout.

    3. That was pretty tasteless. But, still, Joe may be scum, but he’s our kinda scum 🙂

  1. What you need to do is to let them know you want something like one of these – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtZkBAEbRBk

    Only about $20k to $30k each, unless you get a bronze tube.

    Then the under $5k for a mortar is quite reasonable.

    Plus, you use much less powder for a mortar, even full size, than you do for a full sized gun. Another saving.

    And you could even check Seacoast Artillery, or one of the other sponsers of the Black Powder Mortar and Cannon Forum for subscale guns and golfball mortars.

    1. And besides, you always have plenty of hair spray, right? 😉

      What’s the fun of shooting cannon if you aren’t using Holy Black?

  2. My brother and law and I played with a home-grown mortar a couple years ago. So much fun that he even went and built his own. Using one .45 casing full of black powder, it’ll flat out launch a soda can full of sand. Gets some decent accuracy, too. With a heavy enough base plate, we got to the point of hitting cars on the first or second shot at 2-300 yards.

    1. The Bayou Rennaissane Man had a clip showing men launching anvils a few months back. They were using black powder and sending them up a couple hundred feet. Guys+time+little to do=all sorts of nonsense

      Pretty good evidence we need to revive the draft.

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