Islam is a religion of peace…

If by “peace” you mean “plotting to blow up a military recruiting center.”

BALTIMORE – Authorities say a person has been arrested in the Baltimore area for plotting to blow up a military recruitment center.
Marcia Murphy, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office in Baltimore, tells The Associated Press the person will appear in court Wednesday afternoon. An FBI spokesman also confirmed the arrest. They did not provide any more details.


Jonn at This Ain’t Hell tells us the suspect is Antonio Martinez, aka Muhammad Hussein. What a shock.

8 thoughts on “Islam is a religion of peace…”

  1. He must have read the reports from UW’s good doctor Amy Hagopian that recruiters are predators and a threat to the health of adolescents, and decided to take matters into his own vigilante hands.

  2. “…Islam is a religion of peace…” Well, you’re almost right. To be more correct, it should read a “religion of piece and pieces” to be most accurate.

  3. I’ve long called Islam the religion of Pieces.

    I agree that military recruiters are a serious danger for young people. They are a serious danger to a life of waste, dissipation, and indiscipline. The very sort of life that the moonbat left loves so well.

    Any Vet that has gobe to college notices very quickly the difference between the non-vet and himself in College. Other ex-military and I ran together in school and viewed most of the rest as something less than we were. The only ones that got into our circle were those in ROTC and National Guard or Reserve.

    1. I agree. Vets generally vastly outshine their peers in college. There is something pathetic about some 18 year old kid crying about having to get up for a 0900 class, while frittering away daddy’s money.

    2. What? And I suppose you think I loved it? When you have far more in common with the faculty than your classmates it’s a pretty sad situation. I even had one prof who was a Naval Academy grad, and he was a dolt! The prof who came out of ROTC at Florida State was a good one, though.

      My clasmates were really a bunch of Sad Sacks. The ROTC Kaydets were OK and we let ’em associate with us. But the rest, meh.

  4. I hated it too. Note I said “generally!” Nonetheless, the fact is that, generally, for someone that is accustomed to getting up for PT, doing some cruddy details, and has already gotten most of their stupidity out of their system, college is a joke. Those 18 year old kids look like a bunch of whiney punks in comparison.

  5. “Islam is religion of peace”. Every war, or ethnic cleansing that is taking place on this planet now, has Islamists involved on one side. We can except North Korea from this, since it is in the middle of a cease fire (reloading?). Now hown many focii of war are now on this planet, initiated by Moslems complaining of “oppression” and “racism”? I count 27 countries. The Mafia nor the Soviets could not handle the management of all those spots, yet the moroninc primitives of Islam are doing it yet claiming rightfulness in the name of the idol they worship, inside the Kaaba. Yes, there an idol in the Kaaba and the Koran says it is the only one their prophet did not destroy. Traveling in Turkey, you will see, on top of each mosque, the horns of the devil !!! Strange perverted control of the masses.

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