13 thoughts on “Load HEAT”

  1. Ok, you just hurt me. Deep, deep hurt. I cannot stand this woman, and find her to be ugly to the bone. It’s like you are trying to punish me, or something…

    1. Not even, JAM2…. she defiles her body by her grotesque ploys for attention. Almost like she hates herself, and wants people to love her hatred. It’s hard for me to explain, but hell, even as critical as I am of my body, I would never caricaturize it in such a vile manner.

  2. No. 7 actually makes her look kind of cute and alluring. The rest don’t do much for me. She has a nice figure – she would have gone farther if she used a brown paper bag over her head (ala the unknown comic.)

  3. I’ve thought she was physically attractive since I first saw her in “School of Rock”. But then again, I’m extremely partial to dark complected brunettes. But she does have a vile outlook on life.
    She’s no Margaret Cho,
    but she is a skank ho.

  4. Um… Okay… I’ve unclenched my fist.

    Yea. What Aggie said: She wants people to love her hatred.

    She may have Jewish blood, but she abandons and hates her own people.

    I’m gonna leave now before I find my fist clenched again.

    Won’t grace her with my attention — positive or negative — simply not worth it.

  5. xbrad wins the Interwebz for today’s best example of the difference in how men and women think.

    Woman: ZOMFG!!!11!, she’s so foul with all her self-hatred and shit.

    Man: Nice rack. Did you say something?

  6. Burn it with fire! Jane Fonda starter kits must be wiped off the face of the earth.

  7. Ah, hell.

    I’d hit it… with a stick.

    (And then I’d get down to business.)

    I had a thing for her back in the day when she was on SNL and I was in High School. I’d still do her, but might need a gag. I do have to admit, though, that my wife and I occasionally do watch reruns of her show on Comedy Central. My wife thinks she’s hilarious.

    Also, Brad, you really can’t post “I’m Fucking Matt Damon” without the follow-up video by Jimmy.

  8. That nice Jewish Girl my mother wanted me to marry? No, don’t think so!
    She does have a certain, desirable, sleazy quality about her. That does tend to warm this old Seadog’s heart a bit.

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