3 thoughts on “Nice clip showing TOW missile launches”

  1. Ha ha ha, nice dirt dart at 49 seconds. No wonder the video cut off…
    I think the slo-mo Cobra shots are more like full-speed for that missile. I have seen tanks on more than one occassion come up out of a hole and fire at a tank target at which a TOW was already flying, and knock it down, only to see the now-harmless missile continue to fly downrange over the target pit.

    1. Desert Storm, Feb ’91, Co. Team D-1/37AR. Our track would launch a TOW, only to see the target pop its lid from a sabot round. Gunner would actually shift to another target while in flight, only to see that one explode as well.

      TOW is pretty quick the first thousand meters or so. After that, that time of flight gets REALLY long. I sometimes thought I could step out for a smoke while the engagement was going on.

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