I think I’ve mentioned the AH-56A Cheyenne attack helicopter here once or twice. I was scouring YouTube for some cute kitten videos and came across this:


Even better, there’s an old Army movie on the doctrine developed for the AH-56 below the fold.





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  1. Nice first video. Cool helicopter. I remember seeing one at at the Army Transportation Corps museum at Fort Eustis of all places. Don’t ask me why I was there.

  2. When I was at flight school at Rucker in ’76, I walked across the street from the company area to the Army Aviation Museum. It was decidedly low rent back then. Just a couple of old warehouses with some Army AC inside to keep them out of the weather. Along with a Windecker Eagle, was an AH-56.

    The design was a rigid rotor hybrid. I remember the program being killed when I first started college (or maybe just before I started) in ’74. The post Vietnam cut backs were taking a toll, and other than money, I have no idea why it was killed. From what I could tell, it worked well, and would give the army far more capability than the Cobra did.

    1. If I recall correctly, “someone” (politicians) decided it was “too complicated” and killed the program. They cited that it had more wiring than a B52, which was none to complex itself at the time.

  3. There was some problem with vibration and the rotor system which ended up actually causing one of the aircraft to crash killing the crew. About the time they got the bugs worked out they CXL’d the program.

    I thought the coolest thing from a gun pilot perspective was that in a dive the pusher prop could be put into reverse pitch to slow down the dive and allow you a better sight picture for a rocket engagement.

    For another fast helicopter, this one from today do a search for the X-2 helicopter…it just set the world’s record for speed in a helicopter.

  4. Speed records set by hybrids are not recognized in the Helo category.

    As I recall, Outlaw is right about having solved the problems of the Cheyenne. It was a complex AC, but so is every Helo. It’s the nature of the beast.

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