A Truly Forgotten War

Just about every American knows that we sent large numbers of troops as the American Expeditionary Force to fight in Europe during World War One. But very few realize that American troops fought against the Bolsheviks at the same time.

True or false: America once invaded Russia.

Nice try. The answer is true.

Although few people know it, in 1918 President Woodrow Wilson sent 5,500 American soldiers — including some from Missouri and Kansas — to northern Russia in the last days of World War I. Thanks to harsh conditions that cut off communications, the troops were left there for eight months after the war ended.

With dwindling supplies and no word from home, many wondered if their country had forgotten them.

The linked article focuses on the Polar Bears, the US 31st Infantry Regiment (a name they still carry to this day). The other major us unit involved was the US 27th Infantry Regiment.  Ever since they impressed the Russians with their ferocity, soldiers of the 27th have been known as The Wolfhounds.

The Wolfhounds regimental crest pays homage to their history in Siberia, with a polar bear, and the large “S” for Siberia.

The Distinctive Unit Insignia also honors the regimental history, with a depiction of a Russian Wolfhound.

The Regimental motto, “Nec Aspera Terrent” can be interpreted loosely as “No Fear On Earth.”

The Wolfhounds are also one of the very few units authorized by the Department of the Army to maintain a mascot. Kolchak, a Russian Wolfhound, has long been known to every trooper in the regiment.

To this very day, I’m always proud to say, “I am a Wolfhound”

A Co, 1st Bn, 27th IN, 1986-1987

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    1. 3rd IN is all show, no go.

      And I know you aren’t gonna start braggin’ on a tank battalion.

      **1/37AR was the best I ever worked with. Great guys, for tankers.**

  1. I figured you knew Hackworth was a Wolf Hound. Just wanted to out it up for others.

    I don’t think there’s a thing wrong with Infantrymen. I’ve known some pretty good ones. Tanks, however, that’s where it’s at! You seem to know it in your heart given that baby Tank you ran for awhile 🙂


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