Immediate suppression

When you need warheads on foreheads right away…


3 thoughts on “Immediate suppression”

  1. Hello xbradtc. something i’ve always wondered here… how many shots does it usually take for our Mortar guys to be able to find their range and start dropping the rounds on the desired target? Iv’e heard a lot of varying answers, mostly from people that i dont think knew what the heck they were talking about. Just something Iv’e always wondered. I do however, bet that our guys do it better than pretty much anyone else.

    1. I’ve seen crews that were on target from the first shot, and others that were lucky to hit dirt.

      There are any number of factors that can affect the ranging process, such as the accuracy of the initial coordinates given, winds and other meteorological factors, accuracy of the corrections given.

      I can’t recall what the standard was for Expert Infantry Badge, but 4 rounds seems to ring a bell.

    2. It depends on luck, skill, and whether or not you use proper successive bracketing.

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