13 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Update”

    1. Poor Sox is actually away from friends and family today.

      Sox is a weird guy. He won’t eat treats. Just dry kibble. I’ve tried hard to spoil him, but he just turns up his nose at anything but dry cat food.

  1. Brad, Sox isn’t that weird. Wife and I have two cats, only eat dry food as well. Except… One got sick, had to give it kitty-laxitive. Lots of sugar and tuna flavor. Now both cats are hooked on it, and will cry if I don’t give each a little bit each morning. Oh well, it’s cheaper than Gouda, like someone else’s picky feline…

    1. I should see if Sox will turn his nose up at Baby Bell cheese.

      But he’s screwed if he’s holding out for Gouda.

      Someone is a lot more of a softy than he likes to admit…

  2. When it comes to our pets, we all tend to be pushovers. Just like a certain Navy brat turned tuff Infantryman I know about.

    Those critters learn quickly how to get under our hide.

    1. Sox is strictly an indoor only fur spreader. Having said that, I know he’s caught a lizard that somehow made it into the house. I’m not sure what he’d do if he saw a mouse up close and personal. He LOVES to sit at the window and watch birds, and at night, he watches the local possum making his rounds.

      He’s a pretty good watchcat, I guess, because we’ve never had a bird or possum get inside.

  3. Late to the party, as usual, but just wanna say your turkey looks better than ours did. Hope I get to eat your cookin’ someday.

  4. Fine. No one does brisket like Texans anyway.

    But I’d love to try your cookin’ Something else?
    Maybe you could pitch in if/when there’s another meet-up.

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