Lessons Unlearned

Over at the USNI’s blog, CDR Salamander takes a long cold look at some of the lessons we’ve learned and managed to forget about fighting wars. I might quibble with a few, but for the most part, he is right on target.

Infantry: You never have enough infantry: Enough said. What is less sexy to a peace time green eyeshade number cruncher than a guy with a rifle in his hand? They are a pain until you have to go to war – then all of a sudden you remember that the Marines may have something there; everyone a rifleman. Talk to the Army non-infantry typeswho have done nothing but infantry work.

Go read the whole thing.

1 thought on “Lessons Unlearned”

  1. I think it was in a Heinlein book but I don’t think it was his’ originally.
    He said something like, “You can blow up a piece of land, burn it, sterilize right down to the bedrock but you don’t own it until you can stick a 17 year old kid with a rifle on it”.

    Forget that at your peril.

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