I just saw…

Lee Majors pitching an ad for the Bionic Man hearing aid.

I’m officially getting old. I saw The Six Million Dollar Man when it originally ran.

7 thoughts on “I just saw…”

  1. Did you order one? I have been thinking of ordering it. My wife asked me why and I said, “What?” Haven’t ordered yet, since it comes to $315 after the 3 easy payments of $99.95 after the 30 days, but it’s at https://www.hearingaidtv.com/

    1. I’ve seen the ad often enough that even at 45, I have thought about ordering one. Of course, that was mostly before I went to their website and noticed it was $15 for the 30-day trial and then $300 more if you want to keep ’em. Tricky bastages.

  2. That’s a pretty good idea, Dave. I think Heather Locklear has made an appeareance, but we’ll see about Ms. Thomas.

    Tomorrow will be another retro treat, trust me.

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