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My sister’s desktop PC is dying. I’ve got a spare PC to donate, but I need a little advice on the best way to transfer all her files and settings from one PC to the other. Put me some knowledge, would you?

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  1. What dwas said. The alternative is if the ‘new’ pc has an open bay just take the hard drive out of the old one and put it in the new one as a slave.

  2. Xfer of files is no big deal. Transferring settings is a different matter. To my knowledge there is no way to do it. When I Xfer files I normally plug the old drive in as a slave, or use a USB conversion interface. I bought an IDE interface from Tiger direct when I moved down from Ohio in 2005, but most drives now use the SATA interface. I think you can a SATA/USB interface from Tiger Direct as well.

    All I know to do about the settings is make them manually. Document what she has, then make them with the new system.

  3. When I get new computers, I routinely slave in the old hard drive. If I’m VERY good, I manage to copy the files off of that hard drive to the new computer’s HD BEFORE that “new” computer dies of old age. If not, I try to slave them both in to the new-new computer and get them off immediately. I actually still have data on my newest system from my old Pentium 1 (not my first PC, but the first I built).

  4. IF the ‘old system’ is set up to ones liking, and they use the same drive interface (IDE/SATA), drive from sisters system becomes the system drive, and the existing drive in the ‘new system’ becomes the data drive.

    Any other questions, drop me a line.

  5. Brad, there used to be a little computer store – PC Club, or something – over by 111 and Fred Waring. I know the company went out of business at one point, but I think the individual locations re-opened under a new name. It was in the strip mall thingy in the parking lot by where Big 5 and Downey Savings Bank are / were. Basically, if you’re standing in front of Downey Savings, facing the doors, look to your right. There’s a fountain or a modern art thing or something over that way, and the store was right next to that. If they’re still open, they’ll have whatever misc cables or adapters or whatever that you’ll need. Failing that, there’s always

    Find out whether the old hard drive is IDE or SATA. At that point, your best bet has already been suggested above – either get an external hard drive enclosure and put the old hard drive in it, or put the old hard drive into the new computer in an open drive bay. Copy the files over and reformat the drive, and then you’ve got some extra space to use when you’re done.

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