Sunday Music and Musings.

I love this song, but I’m mad they took down the version with Mick Fleetwood sitting in:


BTW, Michelle Obama’s supposedly  toned arms? Check out Caroline, the drummer.

How come no one ever drinks a hair of the cat?


This has got to suck.






The best result of the mid-term elections?

Nancy Pelosi has to fly commercial.


There’s a surprisingly good acoustic version here.



RS McCain has Rule 5 Sunday up. You’ll have to wait until 9am Pacific Time tomorrow for the next Load HEAT.

Have a great day.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Music and Musings.”

  1. I like the tweets. It’s funny how our kids think they are putting one over on us. They think that we never tried it ourselves.

  2. I got caught at every dang thing I did in HighSchool.

    And damn near every teacher was friends with my folks, so they knew instantly…

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