Another MoH recommendation.

The Marines have recommended that a Marine be bestowed the Medal of Honor for his actions during the War on Terror.

A Marine has been recommended for the Medal of Honor for actions in combat in Afghanistan, Marine Commandant Gen. James Amos told reporters Saturday in San Diego.

Amos said the recommendation, which must be reviewed by the secretary of the Navy, secretary of defense, and President Obama, was made by his predecessor, Gen. James Conway.

Amos, who succeeded Conway two weeks ago, said that the recommendation was made after a thorough investigation that filled a binder and detailed the Marine’s bravery. “I read it cover-to-cover,” he said. “It watered my eyes.”

It’s about damn time. I certainly don’t want to see the Medal of Honor, or any other award for valor, watered down. But it is also important to recognize valor. That’s the whole point of bestowing awards. And it is as important to recognize those warriors who perform above and beyond the call of duty and survive. Telling your troops the only way to excel is to die is the wrong message.

I certainly hope the secretaries and the President will approve this recommendation (I have a pretty good idea which Marine they’re talking about, but I’ll wait for official comment).

As an historical aside, did you know there are really three different Medals of Honor? There are distinct medals for the Army, the Navy/Marine Corps/Coast Guard, and the Air Force.

Here’s the Navy/Marine Corps/Coast Guard medal.

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