Inside an AC-130


The AC-130 seems like a fairly simple airplane. It’s just a cargo plane with guns sticking out the side, right? Would you believe the going price is somewhere around $200 million? The Spooky has just about the most impressive array of sensors of any aircraft in the fleet.


The big gun is a 105mm howitzer. It is a highly modified version of the venerable Army M102 howitzer. The rotary cannon is either a 20mm M61 Vulcan, or, more likely, an 25mm GAU-12 cannon (frankly, I wasn’t paying attention during that part of the video). The last gun, where the gunner is loading clips in the top, is a Bofors 40mm cannon. Just the thing for busting trucks.

3 thoughts on “Inside an AC-130”

  1. When my dad was one of the sensor guys it was a 20mm. He had a nice centerpiece made from a 40mm casing and a half dozen 20mm’s with hand carved wooden projectiles to replace the slugs.

    Of course in those days his sensor was the kind of low light tv camera that a boy scout could lose with in a modern science fair today.

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