5 thoughts on “The Battle Off Samar”

  1. I quite agree. CVEs, DDs, and DEs against the Japanese Battle Line, and they survive, and drive the Nihon Kaigun off. BRAVO ZULU, indeed!

  2. Little Ship, Big War is a great book. YAY ABERCROMBIE! Stafford also wrote a book about his days as the CO of a subchaser. Also a good read. Last year he wrote an article for Naval History, in which he told about the trip home from Italy, after he turned his SC over to her new CO. He bummed a ride on a PB2Y Coronado, and it took 3 days to fly from Italy to the US. the world has become smaller.

    1. He’s still alive? Wow. I just figured he’d passed already.

      I read Subchaser years ago. I really liked it. It was an interesting “slice of life” look at the Navy back then.

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