The M60A2 Patton

With its weird turret shape, you can see why the called it “The Starship.” The -A2 was not a terribly successful variant of the long serving M60 series of tanks. The gun/launcher just never seemed to work very well. The same 152mm (6″) gun/launcher as also used on the M551 Sherridan light tank.

About 500 “Dueces” were built, but almost as soon as it entered service, the decision was made to scrap the turrets and use the hulls to make either M60A3 tanks, or Armored Vehicle Laid Bridge carriers from them.


2 thoughts on “The M60A2 Patton”

    1. They were a little too high tech for their own good. They never worked very well, and the 105mm L68 gun of the M60A1 and A3 did a better job off killing tanks, and was cheaper too.

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