The Honorverse

If you’e ever read any Horatio Hornblower, or if you are at all a fan of the tales of the Royal Navy in the Nelsonian age, check out David Weber’s series of novels featuring his character Honor Harrington. Think of it as Hornblower in Space. There are about a dozen books in the series, and a slew of other books and anthologies set in the same universe.

Baen’s Free Library has the first book in the series available to download for free. Just go to the Library and search for “On Basalisk Station” by David Weber. It’s available in all popular downloadable formats.

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  1. I will say to anyone that Weber has produced some entertaining reading. I’m bothered by the central character being female as I think any society that places women in harms way with malice aforethought is barbaric. Still, the stories are rollicking good yarns.

    David Drake’s Leary novels are good too.

    I’m going to have to find some of the “Master and Commander” novels as well. I liked Forester’s Hornblower series as well.

  2. I found ‘On Basilisk Station’ and ‘The Honor of the Queen’ from the Baen Free Library in … 2006? 2007? Right after ‘At All Costs’ was released, so once I finished the two of them I bought AAC so I could get the CD.

    I finished ‘Mission of Honor’ within 24 hours of it becoming available from Webscriptions.

    Now, I’m pissed. I have to wait for another, what, 4 years? 5? Get on it, Weber. Let’s get the next book out already!

    Anyway, you also ought to check out www, . The guy – Joe Buckley, a familiar name to any Baen reader – archives all the Baen CD’s. You can get almost the full back-catalog of David Weber if you download the CD for ‘Mission of Honor.’

    Now Brad, you being one of those ground combat types, have you read any of David Drake’s ‘Hammer’s Slammers’ series? You should perhaps investigate that. They’re collections of short stories about, for all intents and purposes, an armored cav regiment of the far distant future.

    And now, to borrow a phrase from ADM Harrington: let’s be about it, people!

  3. Have this book and have been toying with the idea of reading it for some time. I think the reason I haven’t started is there are so many novels in the series and I was a bit intimidated. I’m a big fan of Weber’s “starfire” and “Heirs of Empire” books. I’ll have to finally check this one out.

  4. Start at the beginning of this series is my recommendation. Its not that you can’t understand any given book in the series alone as the author is not shy about explaining things. It just makes each later book more rich because you understand even the small things that get included. The early books are quick reads. By the time of of Honor Among Enemies, things get longer but never boring. Great series.

    The Leary series by David Drake is also very good, even if the first book in the series (With The Lightnings) is not his best work.

    1. Just started OBS this morning. Only read about 40 pages but so far so good! I especially liked the fact that the (space)ships do battle by lining up and lobbing Broadsides at each other! And true to Weber form he gives us plenty of good explanation of why they do so. Cool stuff so far. One thing I have always loved about DW is his mastery in handling massive fleet actions in his books. The guy can keep track of a lot of details. I always kinda thought of him as a SF Tom Clancy in a lot of ways. Drake and Ringo are two other military sf guys that I have always liked as well.

  5. I enjoy most everything in the Baen pantheon. I shall endeavor to begin reading these, as soon as I’m done with the shitload of books I have in queue.

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