Time spent in the service isn't, uh, service?

Jim Moron Moran is the Democrat who has been camped out in Virginia’s 8th District for 20 years. You’d think that someone representing Virginia, with its huge population of servicemembers and veterans, would be a little more circumspect about attacking his opponents military record.

You’d be wrong.


6 thoughts on “Time spent in the service isn't, uh, service?”

  1. I’m in his district. This is only one of many hate-filled statements and stupid votes. He is very anti-Semitic and anti-military, but pro corruption, pro America deserved to be attacked in 9/11, pro beating wives, pro falsely accusing a small black child of stealing his car, etc., etc. My favorite gaffe was when both of his girlfriends came to his home for his birthday, at the same time. Cat fight ensued.
    Dude, a real man can schedule better.
    I’ve voted against him every time he’s been on the ballot (either 4-5 times).

    I met the previous 2 challengers, and I’ve talked with Murray twice. Murray is a good man with sound ideas. This alone gives Murray an uphill fight in VA-8.

  2. My wife and I will both be voting for Murray, but I think there’s absolutely no chance Moran will lose. Interestingly, before Moran’s 20 years in office, we had a 5-term Republican in that seat (Stan Parris, who passed away in March of this year).

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