News of the obvious

Well, obvious to me and a lot of veterans. But there’s a lot of people that have no conception of what military life is like.

“Despite challenges that may occur when serving our country, including the possibility of going to war, the military provides many of the essential elements to finding happiness at work, including having a meaningful impact on the world, having true camaraderie with your co-workers and having the opportunities to develop skills,” Brummel said.

One of the real challenges I faced when I entered the civilian workforce was finding that same sense of accomplishment that I’d had in the Army. I’m all for making money, don’t get me wrong. But it doesn’t give you the sense of a higher calling that serving your country does.

*I used to work for one of the listed Top 10 companies, and I have to say, there must have been a HUGE shift in the corporate culture in the last decade. When I was there, employees were just meatsacks to them.

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  1. Been there myself. It never was the same for the most part. The best was on the ballast trains and now where I am currently being a crew chief on F-16s at Edwards AFB.

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