4 thoughts on “When you care enough to send the very best.”

  1. I had a chance to shoot a suppressed .308 the other day. Can wasn’t nearly as high quality as that one, and it wasn’t an M110, but still … kinda cool to be shooting a .308 without hearing protection and still be able to carry on a conversation at normal volumes with the guy that you’re standing next to.

  2. Aren’t silencers illegal? Or are we evading the Geneva Convention by labeling it a “flash suppressor?” What’s the current legal status, XBrad? Don’t get me wrong–I’m all for it–we’re fools not to utilize this stuff–the other side certainly doesn’t give a damn about the accords save to bind our hands with them.

  3. There’s no legal restriction on using a sound suppressor in war. “Silencers” are illegal, but only under domestic law (and there’s a fair number of loopholes there).

    Geneva says nothing against using ’em.

  4. Silncers aren’t illegal here either, except in certain states. They are controlled under the unconstitutional National Firearms act of 1934, however. You can buy them, but the highest law enforcement officer in your jurisdiction has to sign that they are not forbidden under the law in that jusrisdiction. Usually that’s the Sheriff.

    Brad is right about war and “silencers.” We used the Sionics suppressor in Vietnam which was developed for SOF as I recall. You need subsonic ammo for them or you will still get the supersonic crack. Most of the noise produced by .22 Long Rifle is the supersonic crack. Otherwise you can duct tape a plastic pop bottle to the muzzle of your .22 have a good one shot silencer.

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