Thomas Friedman is an idiot.

And some folks are taking him to the woodshed over it.

Thanks, Jonah.

Oh, and  here’s Jonah on Tommy Boy:

Look, China’s dictatorial rulers embraced markets reluctantly. First they killed tens of millions of their own people trying to make Communism work. They failed. So, in the late 1970s, they introduced market forces and things took off. People got richer, healthier, better educated. Tom Friedman looks at this transformation and says “It must have been the authoritarianism.” That says more about him than about China.

1 thought on “Thomas Friedman is an idiot.”

  1. The only commonality between Maoist times and Deng’s rise back to power was the authoritarianism. Singapore is something of a Police state, as is China now. Deng looked at Singapore asked why they couldn’t do that too. after all, they already had the Police, they just needed to quit using them to keep people from making money.

    Friedman is most certainly an idiot. He’s been one for all of his life.

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