6 thoughts on “I still hate spiders.”

  1. Did you ever notice, it doesn’t matter how tall or short you are, the spiders always build their web *face high*! The spiders always build their web and takes them down, on a daily basis. Every time they build them, it is with a completely different design. I’ve been bit twice by deadly spiders, one was a rather LARGE black widow. The second one was more dangerous, it was the tiny brown recluse spider. But both times the spiders refused to inject the venom, it is their choice.

  2. Brad, those spiders that build their webs in your back yard are just trying to get you to do the healthy thing and quit smoking. They really do have your best interest at heart. Just like Dimocrats, doncha know?

    I looked through the research doc about hose spiders in Madagascar. I didn’t reasd it but was looking to see if they had anything about the size of those spiders. Garden Spiders in my neck of the woods can get up to about 3″ across is you include the legs. Their webs don’t approach teh size of anything in that article, though. Most of their webs are about a foot across, although the anchor lines can be several feet long.

  3. My grandpa taught me some 50 years ago that spider webs are generally flammable. I’ve held a match or lighter up to many over the years to watch them basically evaoporate. Give it a try. Unless OSHA has the spideys on board this should work for your neck of the woods too.

  4. I’m a little hesitant to light the black widow’s web, since it is attached to the clubhouse here at the country club. They might not appreciate it much. With my luck, I’d burn the whole joint down.

    As for the orb weavers, when I do spot their webs, it’s usually just easier (and quite satisfying) to swat them with the flyswatter and make them go splat.

  5. Well, I don’t know how big the Madagascar species is, but anything that can make a web span across a river can’t be just an inch big.

    Full disclosure: I used to have a tarantula for a pet. She was a cuddler, too 🙂

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