Tough as nails

I was just talking with some friends about the aches and pains my infantry days have left me with. Minor stuff. Stiff knees, that sort of thing. But not every soldier comes out so well:

Background:  I have a pinched nerve in my thoracic vertebrae, part of the degenerative disk disease I apparently have (something to do with extreme trauma to the spine, like from landing on your head wearing 70 lbs of gear after sailing through the air.)  The nerve cluster in T4,5, and 6 is affected.  This nerve cluster sends pain signals that start at the spine just below the shoulder blades and radiate around the chest (the right side in my case) and terminate with a stabbing, sharp pain sensation in the chest cavity.  This has been going on for almost a year, and I was being treated for it when I left Fort Leavenworth.  Lately, it has been acting up, giving me mild to moderate pain; however when you know the source of the pain it makes it easier to ignore/deal with it.  The biggest effect it was having on me was inability to sleep, other than from 12 AM-3AM, plus adding to my usual irritability.

And this is before the real pain starts.

Chuck is one of the folks who has been supportive of this blog, so go visit this tough sonofabitch and tell him to hang in there.

Oh, and when your liberal friends tell you how great Obamacare is going to be, remember that this is what free healthcare looks like.

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2 thoughts on “Tough as nails”

  1. Xbrad,
    That’s what they tell me I have, “Degenerative Disc Disease”. Of course, it’s not really a “disease”. It’s just that the disc(s) are degenerating due to trauma. Once you blow them out (Step on the jelly doughnut and the jelly blows out), they start to collapse. You get shorter over time and, eventually, start to pinch the nerves between the vertebrae.
    Chuck is pretty messed-up. I got six nerves at the bottom of the spine burned-off, just as he did. Good times…

  2. I have what is commonly called Sciatica. When my back goes out, there is nothing more painful. Surgery is a 3 compared to it. Broken arms? a 2.

    Collapsed disk between C-6 C-7, is a 1 in comparison. Running into a tree stump and shoving 3 toes into my foot, then pulling them out again? 4.

    Sciatica makes me cry and call momma!
    10 out of 10. I need 2 hydrocodone and 4 shots of Wild Turkey 101 whiskey to barely make it through 4 hours (1 shot per hour)

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