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Panetta: Enemy Not Defined “By Any Religion, But By Their Actions” — Politico


Look, I get it. There’s about 1.2 billion Muslims in the world, and not all of them are the enemy. Heck, not even very many of them are.

But when the salient feature of the enemy is, by his own admission, his religion, you can’t bury your head in the sand and get by with feel good platitudes.

I understand that there is a balance in strategic communications and that we as a nation are well advised to impress upon the greater world that we are not invoking a crusade against Islam.

But if we can’t even admit to ourselves on the 9th anniversary of 9/11 that the enemy shouts his religious motivation from the rooftops (or minarets, as it were), how can we even pretend to have the communication skills needed at home, much less abroad.

3 thoughts on “**facepalm**”

  1. But do we want to say that all Muslims are our enemies? If we say that all Islam is our enemy, we leave no chance at ever getting moderate Muslims to act like moderates should act (i.e. favoring some sort of live and let live philosophy). At the same time, I think it is irresponsible not to acknowledge that one of our greatest foes at this time happen to be militant Muslims.

    I think that the difference is whether to make this a religious war or a war where religion is a component.

    1. No. Nowhere do I say we should make this a war against all Islam.
      But the happy talk that Islam is a religion of peace, when the damn near every organized terror organization in the world is a Muslim group is sheer stupidity.

      Al Queda’s strategic goal isn’t the defeat of the US. It is to seize control of all Islam. We’ve done a piss poor job of making that point, internally and externally.

      And the fact remains, as much as we would like to avoid fighting a war against Islam, there are huge swaths of Islam (primarily in Arabia and Persia, but also in other places such as Africa and the Caucasus) where the extremist version of Islam holds sway. It is a form of both religion and governance that is utterly at ends with the goals of any free society. Misery is its handmaiden and constant companion.

      The question becomes, how to we separate and deligitimize that cult from the portion of Islam (such as many in Indonesia practice) that is far more laisez faire and less inclined to extremism?

      Well, pretending that Al Queda and other terrorist organization (virtually all of whom receive some level of either moral or financial support and guidance from Iran) are not centered around their religion is folly.

  2. Islam will make it a war against all of Islam when the “extremists” pop off a WMD in an American city.

    At that point, I will advocate for and support anyone who will carry out massive nuclear retaliation against the Islamic world.

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