Load HEAT- 100th Edition

Wow. We’ve been doing this a while I guess. And I’m sorry that regular posting has dropped off so much. But then again, most of you guys just come for the chicks.

This week, we were looking to do a “best of” and were going through the archives. We were frankly amazed to learn we’d never featured this hottie. We all grew up with her, and have fond memories of her youth. But let’s face it, she’s blossomed into a beautiful woman.

Without further ado, the 100th edition of Load HEAT brings you Alyssa Milano.

4 thoughts on “Load HEAT- 100th Edition”

  1. Damn, she is cute. And not in that tomboyish look of her youth. I especially like am13 – the one in the car. The luxury setting adds even more class to the sultry look she’s giving off.

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