Uniformly Insane

We’ve talked a couple times about the foolishness that the Army gets into when it gets around to revising its uniforms.

As bad as the Army is, they can’t compare to the Navy.

“The NWU Type II/III approval is a culmination of a four-year effort comprising all of the expeditionary stakeholders, ensuring we capture the trueoperational requirements our Sailors’ need to succeed on the battlefield,” said Master Chief Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technician Robert McCue, NWU Type II/III Conformance Test Monitor. “They provide unmatched capabilities to thewarfighter enabling tactical advantage and enhancing mission success thus saving lives.”

The Navy takes on the relatively simple task of finding a working uniform for its enlisted sailors and manages to turn what should be a half hour job for a PO2 into a 4 year fiasco at the highest staff levels. And socks the sailor right in the pocketbook.  And they look like crap.

Go to CDR Salamander for the full rundown.

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  1. I was in the Utility Navy of the early Seventies which also was still the dungaree Navy. It did not change until well after I had retired. Someone had pissed and moaned about looking like convicts is what I heard. Properly maintained, the dungaree uniform worked well.
    As for the new cammies, well………….ugly as all hell! Who in blazes came up with this? When found, public humiliation is in order!
    And then there is the new service uniform for E-1 to E-6. The Black and Tan uniform. We are not Marines.
    Dress Blue Jumper, Dress White Jumper, Undress Blue Jumper, Undress White Jumper or Trop White, Long.
    Dungarees for working. Coveralls for really dirty environments. Flight deck jerseys and what ever BDU trousers for the roof and hangar deck.
    And does anyone remember those horrible “salt and peppers?” What a mess.
    Dixie Cup and Ball Cap are all that is necessary. Maybe the old flat hat for tradition’s sake.
    Boy has the Navy I served in gone down the toilet when figuring in certain things.

  2. Glenn, I didn’t like the Utilities as they didn’t have the style of blue chambray shirt and dungarees. I was issued utilities, but ditched them when I got to the fleet. Every one of us, on both of my ships, did the same.

    They wore well, and were comfortable. A blue chambray shirt was visible if you fell overboard. My sea bag also had the virtue of being reasonably maintainable. The current on? Not so much.

    The current uniform fiasco is indicative of the overall drop in the quality of Navy leadership.

  3. Every service seems to have a leader who wants to lay hands on the SOP.

    The army gets the black beret and the ACU cause the Marines have digies.

    The Air Forces has to have the ABU in digital tiger strip (never mind that they look like fugitives from a video game rather than airmen).

    And now the Navy Working Uniform

    What will future “leaders” come up with next?

  4. So the Army is getting rid of Velcro closures because they do not work; does that mean the Navy bought them up on the cheap from the Army so they can prove they do not work?
    I enlisted in 1978 and was issued salt & pepper’s (fugly uniforms) and utilities. I bought real dungarees and Cracker Jacks as soon as I could. I preferred work uniforms that would not melt to my skin in high heat events.
    Maybe these camos would help when playing hide & go seek down in the engine room; you would blend right in with the pipes.

  5. I also have been known to call out MCPON West on face book as the need arises. It is that age thing. He was in grade school when I enlisted.
    I was told by a young BM2 at a recruiting office in West Wichita about three years ago or so that the uniform changes were because the sailors were tired of lugging around all that “crap.” No Shit!
    I informed that young pup that I hauled all that crap around for twenty years and therefore had absolutely no sympathy for him and his colleagues at all.

    1. That wouldn’t be such a bad argument, but in fact, the seabag is getting bigger and bigger. And then when some poor sailor gets stuck on an IA, he ends up needing ANOTHER set of uniforms. And probably can’t get them.

  6. I, too, was issued utilities and donated the lot to the Lucky Bag as soon as I got out of “A” school. I wore dungarees all the rest of my time, and also bought crackerjacks as soon as I could. I hated the Salt & Pepper uniforms as well as the coat and hat. I joined the Navy, and wanted to LOOK like a sailor.


  7. What we called the “New Uniform” in 1974 was set upon by all the PO1s that had been trying to make Chief for years. I hated the thing, but I couldn’t argue too much since the Naval Reserve didn’t have to buy them as they were issued to us. We kept the Crakerjacks as long as we could. I still have mine buried somewhere. I’d never get back into it as my chest was 34 back then, and I wear a 44 now. My shoulders filled out quite a bit by the time I was 25.

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