Zandi Claims Stimulus Didn’t Do Squat (via Innocent Bystanders)

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I don't think it's what he meant to claim, but that's the way it works out. You see, Alan Blinder (Princeton Univ.) and Mark Zandi (Moody's Economy), recently released a report titled "How US Policy Ended the Great Recession." While a few articles have criticized the report, by and large the media reporting has looked like Ezra Klein's "Zandi: Financial rescue and stimulus responsible for saving or creating 8.5 million jobs" article. Lots of chee … Read More

via Innocent Bystanders

4 thoughts on “Zandi Claims Stimulus Didn’t Do Squat (via Innocent Bystanders)”

  1. The stimulus did plenty. It padded the pockets of the liberal special interests, pet projects and causes and financed a lot of propoganda. Ten thousand dollars for sheet metal Recovery and Reinvestment Act temporary sign ?

    I’m in the wrong frickin’ business I’ll tell you that.

    As a construction supervisor who has worked on many government projects, I can tell you many of these projects were ongoing for years before the economy even took a nosedive and haven’t even created any new jobs, but yet if you get a dime from the Fed you are forced to put them up.

    Smoke & mirrors all the way.

  2. I have to giggle when I think about Zandi choosing the title of his article. I would not put it past this guy to have thought: Hey, I’ll make the title sound pro for Obama, but I’ll make sure I tell the truth in the article so as not to lose cred with the real experts… and everybody gets what they want! … cause the lib morons NEVER read anything past their shallow dive through the title.

  3. FDR’s Treasury Sec admitted that all the gov junk they did had little to no effect in the long run, other than running up a bunch of debt for the people to pay off. WW2 was a gov jobs program on steroids and the only reason we were in good shape is because the rest of the world had been savaged by the war. So we were well off only in relative terms and we could take advantage of that position.

    These days, we are in no way well of in relative terms and the Obummer is making things far worse than they would have been if he and Bush had simply left the market to take care of things.

  4. A shame that they didn’t just hand out the $125k each to the first 2.5 million people to show up at the Capital. Or maybe they could have just written checks to each member of the House for $1 billion to dole out to their constituents?

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