2 thoughts on “Mmmmmm……”

  1. I’m not hot on Chocolate Chip cookies. I remember care packages coming to the ship for me and I had no trouble doing away those my mother sent. I loved Peanut Butter cookies and those I hoarded. Fortunately, Courtney’s COs allowed such things. A lot of other ships forbade such things. I’m sure the cookie drop will have plenty of what everyone likes. They don’t even have to be that good. They’re all a reminder of home and what you are standing watch, or fighting for. BZ to those who had the idea, and even more to those carrying it out.

  2. Marnee is a cool lady. She walks the walk. She has a great program in her store/factory every saturday where a kid can come in and, for $5 can make this monstrously huge cookie with anything they want in it. the kid gets this big ball of dough, and a massive selection of stuff to put in/on it. When they are done, Marnee pops them in the oven and brings them out. these cookies are about 10″ across when baked.

    If cookies aren’t your thing, you can make your own massive sunday with home made ice cream, etc.

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