My view as I drink my coffee…

For a long time, NAS Whidbey was known as the best kept secret in the Navy. The island is pretty idyllic. Maybe not so fun for a young single sailor, but a great place to raise kids. Lots of stuff for the outdoors types. Only a couple hours from the big city. And there are few places that have better views.

6 thoughts on “My view as I drink my coffee…”

  1. Hey Neighbor,
    I knew you lived up here but didn’t realize how close.
    Just 4 miles up the road from you on the other side of the island.

    Enjoy reading the blog, keep it up.

    1. You visited at a good time, the weather has been perfect lately.
      So you grew up at the course down by the farm? or the one across the road from my house? or the Gallery?

  2. I did a substantial part of my growing up at Albany Oregon when my Father was stationed at Adair AFS near Corvallis. Albany was nicely situated about equidistant from the best spots in the Cascades and and the best spots on the coast. The Salmon run on the Alsea was heavy and not heavily fished and great Trout fishing in the mountains on either side of us.

    I remember Central Oregon with a great deal of fondness, but the political situation in Oregon has made a mess of the state and the Oregon I knew is long gone. We’ll probably see an Oregon exodus, similar to that of California in the fairly near future. They’ll go somewhere else that’s halfway decent and want what they left behind, and start the process all over again.

    1. QM,

      I grew up in a suburb of Portland, and my family still lives down there.
      I know exactly what you are talking about, in the past 12 years….Portland is not the same Portland as I knew it. Going down to visit is like going to a completely different city. Then I moved to a place where we joke, that it is 20 years behind everybody else.

  3. I grew up by the country club, off Swantown Road. Well, that was after 5 years out at base housing on Maylor Point.

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