Thoughts on driving the I-5

1. We Californians just call it “the Five.” Not “The Eye Five.”

2. California’s central valley may be a wonderful cornucopia of fruits and vegetables, but it makes for a boring drive. Not “West Texas boring,” but still pretty bland.

3. Stockton, CA, a few miles south of the capitol, Sacramento, is pretty much in the middle of the state. Given that, it is a little jarring to see an ocean going vessel there. But they have a real port and everything.

4. Lots of people in Sacto were enjoying the American River. It was packed with boats and tubes and whatnot.

5. Apparently, no one in California or Washington is the least bit familiar with the concept of “slower traffic keep right.” Oregon was reasonably well behaved, except near Eugene.

6. I thought about stopping in Eugene and looking up D*b Fr**ch. (Just kidding- I don’t have a death wish).

7. The Siskiyous Mountains are a fun drive.