5 thoughts on “How many nukes are enough?”

  1. 1,000 a nice round figure.
    for example it will take by 1999 standards 10 nukes at 475 Kt each to destroy iran as a working civilized society and kill 25% of the population.
    It would have taken 4 for the NorKs.
    For China 368 nukes to take them out of the 19th century.
    Russia, 51 Syria 2 so we need enough to go around but more than that plus 10 to 25% wastage just in case.

  2. I’d say we should have at least 10K tactical nukes, and 2-3 thousand strategic nukes in the 1+ megaton range.

  3. Very, very few of our nukes are in the megaton range. For instance, no Trident carries a megaton nuke. Nor do any of the Minutemen. Actually, I’m not at all certain we still deploy ANY megaton nukes. Other than the B61, is there a freefall weapon still in the inventory?

    But the fact of the matter is, 375kt is more than enough to wipe out a city.

    1. Probably not, the gravity bombs now are good for small CEP with the guidence heads and fins an area weapon like a B-61 is just not needed unless your attacking a moving target that can shoot back and possibly detect and destroy the incoming bomb way out beyond kill range for the target.
      Then again nukes are secret and who knows what’s actually out there.

  4. I have a crazy idea about nukes… like Hep T, I think.

    Instead of picking a number of weapons, pick a number of targets, then use that use that number and the probabilities of success to get the number of weapons.
    The numbers are small enough… it isn’t like we have to assign bullets to individual Geneva numbers of opposition infantry… the number of targets has to be less than the number of FO/GOs, right? We can almost keep track of them…

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