Maybe before the elected officials here in California condemn the new immigration law in Arizona as “unpatriotic and unconstitutional.” they should read the law in… uh, California?

5 thoughts on “SLAP!!”

  1. Did you see the video of that LA City Council meeting? Three rows of spectators with union t-shirts on. Pretty obvious who was running that meeting — and it wasn’t the council members.

  2. I saw the vid, but didn’t watch it. does that make any sense?

    California, more than most states, is run by its public sector unions.

  3. Most liberal states have serious problems with the public sector unions. They have become a voting block and it will be very difficult to rot them out. To survive, however, they must be destroyed root and branch.

    Liberalism is another name for lawlessness. Places like the New England and the left coast have demonstrated that.

  4. Stupid is as Stupid Does. We are dealing with a slight elevation from the single cell life forms that live in the depths.
    Or the thee not me crowd comes to mind also.

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