This strikes me as an utterly stupid idea.

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Under a law recently pushed through the state legislature, post-traumatic stress disorder would be noted on the license in the same way that a person’s license might indicate corrective lenses are required for vision, according to a report in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Adding the information would be voluntary and require a sworn statement from a doctor. If signed by the governor, the bill would become law on July 1.

Why do I suspect this is really the first step towards the mandatory disclosure of a PTSD diagnosis, and a further stigmatization of our troops. It doesn’t take a great leap of imagination to see a “logical progression” where citizens who have been diagnosed with PTSD would be prohibited from buying or possessing firearms.

I’m in favor of prohibiting the mentally unsound from possessing firearms. That’s a restriction of civil rights that falls well within the bounds of constitutionality. But the current standard that has to be met is that a court has to make a finding. That’s the whole “due process” thingy at work.

If, as I suspect, this is a ploy to sneak in a restrictive provision over time, it would remove that due process protection for citizens and place the power to infringe constitutional rights into the hands of unaccountable bureaucrats, with likely little recourse to the citizen.

It also shows a remarkable misunderstanding of what most people with PTSD really go through. I’m no expert, but the best description I’ve heard is that you spend a lot of time hyper-aware of your surroundings, as if your nerve endings had been sanded.

Any of you in Georgia might take a moment to encourage your governor to veto this bill, and not start down a path with no good outcomes.

7 thoughts on “This strikes me as an utterly stupid idea.”

  1. This bill is a violation of ADA. It would stigmatize those who suffer from PTSD since most people don’t really understand the problem. They think that someone who suffers from it is going to react the way they do in the movies.

    As far as what PTSD causes, there are a range or responses. Sometimes its hyper-awareness that you mention. Sometimes it can be outbursts out of proportion to the situation. Sometimes its being effectively numb to whats going on around them.

  2. What’s the point of this? I’m at a loss to understand what they are trying to accomplish by placing PTSD on the DL. Do they put alcoholism there?

  3. what a crappy idea.
    First off it’s NOT like putting a purple heart on your car tag.
    PTSD is viewed as a Rambo disease.
    I have heard it called a shooting permit because this diagnosis can be used to automatically send the SWAT team to a traffic citation event.
    I can see it now, “Andy this here’s Barney on yankee stop at the interstate ramp, we got us a rambo tag here with a tail light out I’m loading my bullet! ”
    “10/4 Barney I’ll get Gomer and Goober in the SWAT pick up and will meet you at the scene don’t take no chances with them vets they are on the suspected terrorist list from DC!”

  4. wow, what an incredibly stupid idea. We are becoming a nation of Scarlett letters.

  5. It’s starting down a path where government ought not to go. Even though it’s “voluntary” right now, how long before some leftist group decides it ought to be mandatory?

    And when you have to show your license to buy a gun, or a plane tucket, or a bus ticket, or cash a check, etc, what kind of red flags are gonna be raised when they see that PTSD notation? Would they try and stick it on your passport too?

    This needs to die, and quickly. Imagine how it would be seen in the press if HIV/AIDS was also denoted, or a “mental health” history, etc.

    1. I think we should require a red “L” be placed as a watermark on the DL of anyone registered Dimocrat. JUst have the rubber room available for them on election day. Real friends don’t let friends vote Dim.

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