6 thoughts on “Boo. Hoo.”

  1. Nice! I was kinda surprised they wasted the boat on them. I expected to hear that they just “dropped them off”. Splash. Dasvidaniya.

  2. Something tells me that the Somali version of Capt. Bligh wasn’t among them.

  3. I would have thought it waould have been easier, and quicker, to march them to a point aft where the railings were down, and shoot them, and throw them over the side. Saves all the time of rigging the boat, and you are not down a raft at the end of the day. A round to the back of the head seems more Russian, too.

  4. It sounds like the Russian’s have a winning tactic here, Do not detain, hold, punish, try or even feed and water, simply push the bass turds off the stern of the boat, B’uh Bye Bye Bubba!

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