This week’s entry is actually a special request from our blog buddy Skylia Ember. We’ve been trying to get Ember to be our girl on these pages, but she keeps deferring that. But she asked nicely for a Dr. Who edition of Load HEAT. So this week we bring you Billie Piper, who in addition to 134 episodes of the long running British Sci-Fi show, also has a couple seasons under her belt on Secret Diary of a Call Girl.

Ember, you owe me (12 good pics, that is).

Guys, be sure to check the link to Ember’s blog, as she has some terrific pics of herself over there.

3 thoughts on “Load HEAT”

  1. Xbrad, you are so awesome. I promise (PROMISE!) I will get you 12 Load HEAT worthy pictures of myself. I’m flattered, I might add. 😉

    Billie Piper – one great reason to watch science fiction television.

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