P-3 Approach

This is a little more impressive in real life. I blame that on the fact that I only have a crappy little point-and-shoot camera.


Of course, if a reader wanted to donate a good camera to the blogging cause, I’m sure we could work something out…

4 thoughts on “P-3 Approach”

  1. Nice…. you know, that aircraft (an the C-130) has such a disntinctive sound. Of course, after years of being around them it’s imprinted on my brain’s hard drive, but still…. those Allison T-56 engines and their big 4-bladed props are something that you recognize as soon as you hear it.

    It’s much the same with the UH1 Huey. that thump thump thumping of the blades. THAT one still stands up the hairs on the back of my neck.

    Thanks for sharing that!

  2. I’m just sorry I couldn’t get a better clip.

    But you’re right. Some aircraft, you just know what it is by the sound. P-3/C-130 (not too many Herks up here, so you know it’s a P-3), Prowler’s J52s, and S-3 Hoovers (or now, A-10s).

  3. I can look out my front porch every day (and night) and watch the P-3’s of JAX in the practice pattern. Hell, at 0400, I can hear the engines being run up over there if the wind is right. Day, night, all the time. Great stuff. I just wonder when the Jaguars decide to use an Orion for the football fly-by (not that the Florida Air National Guard F-15Cs ain’t bad 🙂 )

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